PRIME — Snowboards

design, illustration

Collaboration project with We Are In Sports for PRIME Snowboards. Illustration & design by Nastya KFKS | @n.kfks

I chose two topics:
– Japan, series Fun / for beginners and progressive riders.
Task for Japan board was to make it with lots of details, bright and playful.

– Surf / for progressive riders.
Task for Surf board was to make it in spirit of surfing, strong and in blue shades.

Bellow is some work process and sketches:

Bigger details:

You can find this playful snowboard in stores in Moscow, Russia
or order online PRIME Snowboards:

Below is the color I wanted to be printed on the board, I remember the color when you surfing and making duck dive, open your eyes and see this depth and amazing light blue color... surf – is love!

You can find this surf snowboard in stores in Moscow, Russia
or order online  PRIME Snowboards:

For different hieghts of snowboard company decided to change the color of Surf snowboard,
so you can find this board in three colors: blue, black and red.
Enjoy the ride!