Metamorphosis — Shanghai


Metamorphosis—International Young Artists Group Exhibition.

Venue : Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China 2013.

This year, Shun Art Gallery adds several artists from the United States, Mexico and India besides the previous artists from China, Japan and Korea of the group exhibition of young artists:
Naoya Yoshida, KUDO SHUJI, Avijit Dutta, Nastya KFKS, Mifusa Akase, Choi Young, Kim Soonim, Hui Wei, Seungpyo Hong, Zachary Opaskar, Fernando Moreno.  
In the novel  “The Metamorphosis” of Franz Kafka , the protagonist terrified his family and people around him, including himself when he discovered that he became a poisonous insect in the morning.
The theme of exhibition is to interpret and explain the “loneliness” of art works from all over the world, the transparent loneliness that lead to freedom.

"4E" : four separate canvases, composition is variable:

The team: