N. KFKS — Artist, Graphic Designer.

N. KFKS has over a decade of experience in the Design industry working on a multitude of projects ranging from graphic design, illustration, 3D, packaging design, product design to projection mapping, videos, murals, concept art, game design and experimental design.

Interest in Architecture and Art began in architectural classes during the two last years of the school.
Graduated from Academy of Architecture and Art:
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.) in Graphic Design (2004-2010).

N. KFKS creates strong, bold design with influences of 3D graphics and 2D art. Participant of many international exhibitions around the globe.
She has experience working with international large teams and independently. 

Working worldwide with freelance or long term projects.

Skills: Illustration, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Character Design, Game Design, Environment Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Vizualization, Digital Painting, Product Design, Packaging Design.

Also N. KFKS is fascinated with creating murals, livedrawing installations. Her work has appeared in exhibitions across the globe in solo and group shows.

N. KFKS believe in a healthy lifestyle; her hobbies is her passion: travelling, surfing, photography, skateboarding. Formerly flatland bmx, parkour, snowboarding.

For any inquiries, lecturing or commission jobs please get in touch at kaerfkrahs@gmail.com.


⋅ Solo exhibition in Pop Up store / Shanghai, China.

⋅ Lecture at Fine Arts College of Shanghai University / Shanghai, China.

⋅ Lecture at British Higher School of Art & Design / Moscow, Russia.
⋅ Solo exhibition in Pop Up store / Shanghai, China.

⋅ Live drawing exhibition in Art Space / Shanghai, China.

⋅ VOLVO Artist during Affordable Art Fair / Republic of Singapore.
⋅ Solo Exhibition in Canvas Creative Space / Republic of Singapore.
⋅ Guest and live drawing in Debrief event / Republic of Singapore.
⋅ Official Creative Partner of Affordable Art Fair / Republic of Singapore.
⋅ Live drawing during the event "Taste of Paper" / Moscow, Russia.
⋅ Solo exhibition at LittleField art space / Brooklyn, New York.

⋅ Live drawing exhibition in Jimbaran / Bali, Indonesia.

⋅ Live drawing exhibition in Art Labor Gallery / Shanghai, China.
⋅ Exhibition in Shun Art Gallery / Shanghai, China.
⋅ Solo exhibition in Alter concept store / Shanghai, China.

⋅ Participant of DUMBO Art Festival  / New York, USA.
⋅ Personal month-long live drawing exhibition in ZAKKA CORP. / New York, USA.
⋅ Personal exhibition in "Little Field". / New York, USA.
⋅ Live drawing during the Art Festival: Bushwick Open Studios 2012 / New York, USA.
⋅ Personal Exhibition in ZAKKA CORP. / New York, USA.
⋅ Live drawing during the Aparté event / Toulouse, France.

⋅ Snowboard Design & Illustrations for the FIRST SNOWBOARD COLLABORATION OF AMERICAN & RUSSIAN brands:
AUTOMATON SNOWBOARDS (USA) & FICTION WEAR (RUS). Presentation in Prostranstvo Gallery / Moscow, Russia.
⋅ Skate & Longboard desin exhibition, Boardak Skateshop / Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

⋅ Personal Exhibition in ZAKKA CORP. / New York, USA.
⋅ ADIDAS ORIGINAL street party / Moscow, Russia.
⋅ Personal Exhibition in Little Field Gallery / Brooklyn, USA.
⋅ Presentations of my video project 2D27B on the Green Edge events / New York, USA.
⋅ Collaboration project in the Lucky Gallery / Brooklyn, USA.

⋅ Precita EYES – Graffity Festival / San Francisco, USA.
⋅ Art Festival ART PARADE / St. Peterburg, Russia.

⋅ Art Festival TURN UP THE VOLUME / Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
CREDITS (selected)

⋅ Article in NOTCOTCUTURE about surf long sleeve rashguard ┊ENG
⋅ Article in NOTCOT.org about AO MATU poster ┊ENG
⋅ Article in Artwork Kambur about AO MATU playing cards ┊TUR

VOLVO Artist during the Affordable Art Fair ┊ENG
Debrief Singapore event article ┊ENG
Canvas Creative Space event ┊ENG
⋅ Official Creative Partner of Affordable Art Fair Singapore ┊ENG
⋅ Article in LittleField AO MATU Exhibition ┊ENG
⋅ Article in ArtSlantAO MATU Exhibition ┊ENG
⋅ Article in Fubiz about AO MATU playing cards┊FR┊ENG 
Designcollector article about AO MATU project┊ENG 
Tutdesign article about AO MATU poker playing cards┊RUS 
The World of Playing Cards article about AO MATU poker playing cards story┊ENG

⋅ Release of new Dailysession's vinyl ┊ENG 
FICTION article about collaboration between Nastya KFKS & Fiction Wear ┊ENG
⋅ Article about Waii Waii Podcast for Fiction Wear ┊ENG

⋅ Article about live drawing in Art Labor Gallery , Shanghai, China ┊ENG 
Skater.ru article about BRDK SKATEBOARDS┊RUS

Fubiz article about mural: Predators┊ FR┊ENG  
Designcollector article about my mural: Predators┊ ENG
⋅ Organizer of Behance Portfolio Review Brooklyn, USA┊ ENG
⋅ Participation in Art DUMBO Festival ┊ ENG  
Designcollector article about 3W & 18ZK┊ ENG
⋅ Aparté article about live drawing┊ FR

AUTOMATON SNOWBOARDS article about First Snowboard Collaboration Of Russian & American Brands ┊ ENG
FICTION WEAR article about First Snowboard Collaboration Of Russian & American Brands ┊ RUS
⋅ Mural Australian Vine House published in WALL ART, Send Points Book / Shanghai ┊ ENG
⋅ Interview for  4SNOWMAG / pages 93-101 ┊ RUS
⋅ Interview for SnowGirls ┊ RUS

⋅ Interview for Designcollector ┊ ENG
⋅ Interview for Land of Pop ┊ ENG
⋅ Interview for SnowGirls ┊ RUS  
Special project for Designcollector ┊ ENG

⋅ Interview for Go Fiction ┊ RUS

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