AO MATU — Playing cards 

design, illustration

Fully custom stunning deck of 54 playing cards for collectors, poker, magic, cardistry, designers and artists.

This project is still in process, more stuff to come.

I travel a lot and inspiration comes from many places such as islands and nature.
Almost 8 years ago it was the very first time when I thought about creating playing cards but it happened only now; finally, during three month I made my own deck and it’s brilliant.

The name of cards - AO MATU, it goes from Tongan language, one of the muiltiple languages in the Polynesia. AO mean WORLD, MATU is ISLAND.
I spent a lot of time making each character unique. Every card has its own cool detailes, marked with 4 distinguishing motifs. Design is full of different vegetation, forms of the relief and mountains of the Island.

There are 4 tribes of warriors, each suit – each tribe. Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and Jokers – characters. Number cards – relief of the island. Back – vegetation, jungles of AO MATU, world where your warriors hide from the opponent.

Tuck box

The back side of cards pattern

The Jack of Spades

The Queen of Clubs

The King of Clubs

The Ace of Diamonds

The 2 of Hearts

The Numbers

 The Mix of cards

Lemurs are my Jokers =____=